Are you investing in yourself?

And no I don’t mean taking out stocks and shares and paying out loads of money on expensive things. No I am talking about your own personal development. Yes really, this is important. Sometimes we are just going through the motions of living and wondering am I actually enjoying this? Well it’s about time you did and that you thought about how you can improve your own health and well being.
So how would you invest in yourself? What would that mean to you? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? What challenges you? So many questions I could ask but let’s look at some simple ways to invest in yourself.
1. Cookery lessons – I know most of women learn to cook whether it be passed down to them from Nans, Grans, or Mums because it is part of our job description but I don’t always find cooking that straight forward or easy so if cookery lessons on say bread making or learning how to improve your shepherds pie help me do better then I will see if I can attend a cookery workshop at least once a year.
Cooking from scratch is what I want to achieve as much as possible because I think today we have so many quick fixes that are more synthetic than real that if I can make things healthier through what we eat, then I want to do this as much as possible. This has made me think much more generally about what we eat and how I can make it more natural – whether I can make the cheese sauce for a lasagne say rather than buy the jar, for example, and at first I thought no haven’t got time for this but actually I have. It only takes about 10 minutes to make a cheese sauce and I did have to keep looking up the recipe and following instructions for a while till I did a good sauce but at least I know exactly what’s gone into it. It is also cheaper for me to do this too. I’ve not yet managed gravy from scratch but I keep trying – any tips would be much appreciated. Most of the time our meals are from scratch and this does mean planning but I want to do this so I look at how I can make it happen. It does not take too much time, you just have to get into the habit of doing it and then organising your shopping to work with the plan.
So this might seem simplistic but a cookery lesson is an investment in me and my skills and how well I do something so that I feel pleased with myself and more importantly the family is pleased with me too as the food tastes even better.
2. Personal Training – was that an immediate no – too expensive, don’t fancy one to one with someone watching me. I understand that. I’m guilty of thinking that way too but what if your health and fitness has reached a point where you are stuck, you are not moving forward in hardly any aspect of your fitness or say your weight loss. Get help. It doesn’t mean you are strapped into paying for someone to assist for life but it really could be the catalyst to get you over that plateau and move you forward. We all need to develop and we have to recognise that getting help is not a bad thing, not a sign of weakness but of moving forward and getting support.
I’ve recently started having personal training myself as I recognised some of my techniques when it comes to olympic lifting are not that great. I was feeling foolish with how bad I was and although the thought of someone watching me and getting me to do it right was not really that appealing, I knew to move forward this was necessary and now I am making progress. It has been a bit uncomfortable but once you get over the first few sessions, you will find you make progress and start to enjoy it. The things that challenge us most are usually the most rewarding as you see results and make the biggest changes to us physically and mentally.
3. Education – if you are interested in say photography or knitting or drawing or studying – why not do a workshop and expand your creative skills. I like photography, I’m not great, but it’s something that taps into that creative side of me that isn’t getting much of a workout day to day although you could argue that when you teach classes you are creating workouts. I try once or twice a year to do a photography workshop so I am also developing my other side that isn’t all to do with work.
So you can see investing in yourself can be anything at all that helps to make you happy, helps you feel like you’re moving forward and is rewarding. It can be as simple as booking onto a yoga back bending workshop to studying psychology – keep your mind open and explore the opportunities available.
Have a great day.