All good fun in April……

Well there seems to be lots happening in April……

As well as lots of classes at Viva Pilates…..

I have news for you all:

All done yeah – I’m now a Franklin Method Educator Level 1. A challenging 21 days of learning over the year but an amazing experience of getting to understand how our bodies should move and meeting amazing people in the way. Look forward now to setting up Franklin workshops to pass this information on to you 😀👏

This month is National Pet month,

It is finally nice enough to do lots of walks with dogs if you have one, get outside into the countryside, take in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t have a dog why not hook up with your local Borrow my doggy and help somebody out who needs their dog walking for them. 🐶

There are lots more exciting events happening in April so I will mention the others in my next newsletter to you. Until then have a fabulous week ahead, do reply to me or message me on facebook or twitter or instagram if yo have any questions for me.