733967_427145200700966_1320983373_nWhy would you do Pilates I hear you ask?

Are you someone who has very little spare time for relaxation?

Are you someone who loves hard core exercise?

Have you had a niggling back since you can’t remember when?

Do you feel stiffer and less flexible as you get older?

Answer yes to any of these questions and you know what I am going to say – you need to do Pilates!

The problem when we are younger is we think we are invincible so the thought of doing things at a slower pace is not very appealing so we rush around fitting in exercise when we can and looking for the quickest option to achieve fitness.

Well that’s great news that you are doing exercise but roll on another decade and you might not feel quite as invincible if you don’t start thinking about how to look after your body and more importantly your spine!

Pilates is a method of exercise that is suitable for all levels, all ages and helps you really focus on what your body needs to help reduce tension and move more freely. It brings together ‘Mindful movement’, where you are more aware of what you are doing throughout exercising so that you work your body through a safe range of  movement. It also helps you with your daily activities which might have ground to a halt if your back is starting to ache.

If you are someone who likes doing more extreme exercise you probably don’t really believe Pilates is for you but if you are continually doing the same form of exercise you will find your body builds up tension and this needs to be released. Look at your whole workout programme and make sure there is a flexibility sension in there somewhere!

You may have experienced back ache off and on for a number of years. Pilates can help improve your posture and rebalance your body so that your back muscles as well as your stomach muscles are working more evenly as well as the other stabilising muscles of your body so your back ache reduces.

If you have any queries about Pilates, strengthening your back or improving your exercise programme, just get in touch.