7 Stress busting tips!


Stress – one of the biggest issues of holding on to pain physically and mentally!
So what’s your stress levels like?

Anxiety is the body’s alarm clock, telling it to be wary of a situation or surroundings so stave off threats, however if our bodies are in a constant state of threat this will not only affect how we feel mentally but physically as well so here are 7 great stress busting tips.

  • Don’t hesitate all the time. Take action. Ask yourself what is the worst case scenario, best and most realistic outcome of what might happen. It is probably not that bad and even if it does seem negative, understand that you can cope with a negative experience.  If you keep on avoiding doing things because according to your world you think it will go wrong, you could be missing out on amazing opportunities.


  • Take your own advice! We are all quite keen to advise others so sit down and give yourself advice. Why should what you suggest to your friend/family that helps them think more clearly not apply to you! Try it.


  • Find happiness in your imperfections! Don’t try to be a perfectionist all the time, it is just not possible, nor worth the stress.


  • Accept criticism, welcome it, learn from it! Life is an experience and we can only learn more and more through our mistakes and remember everyone is entitled to an opinion try to embrace their views, even if they are not quite yours.


  • Talk to others, bounce ideas off friends, family – don’t dwell on an issue by yourself because you will not look at it as objectively as someone that is removed from the stressor!


  • Face problems head on, don’t bury your head in the sand! Leaving a problem lying around will drive you crazy. You need to find peace. Seek advice, help, anyone who can help you deal with things.

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We will be doing some stress relief workshops from September.