Helen’s Happy Healthy Hormones ❤

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Heres my top 7 tips to keep your hormones balanced and in check #1 Sleep!  You must Sleep in the Dark. Your pineal gland produces melatonin only in the dark. Any artificial light will turn off melatonin production. Without melatonin, … Continued

Is your central heating on yet

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The Seasons are changing, the nights are drawing in……. Does it make you want to put the heating on and eat soups and casseroles ? It does me….. Do you also notice the effect on your skin when the seasons … Continued

Are you S……….. STRESSED???

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If you are eating well and seem to be stuck not losing weight, think about the stress in your life. When we are stressed we release the stress hormone cortisol into our system and this stops your body from letting … Continued

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