Are YOU Perfect ?

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Are you someone who is impeccably PERFECT…….Monday through Friday with your nutrition & fitness? Do you find it easy to eat clean when you are in your weekly routine? Do you fit in your HIIT workouts? Are you organised with your slow cooker? … Continued

Do you take FISH OILS ? 🐠🐟

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There are plenty of reasons to take a quality fish oil for health, but particularly for FAT LOSS! For us all, there may come a point where the body has adjusted happily to the clean diet and may have plateaued … Continued

Top Tips for Flatter Abs

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Phew, I don’t know about you but I am so glad that the election is over (and hopefully done with). Enough said! Today’s blog is all about Abs, probably the most sought after and talked about subject in relation to weight … Continued

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